Flagstaff Auto Repair, Inc.

3830 E. Huntington Drive #9
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
35.214225 -111.592731
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MNG Customer Reviews (65)

 5     William & Janeen 02/18/2010
FYI- The last 4 fill-ups on F-150 Ford 4x4 have been better then we could hope for after adding Z-max. We had trips to Vegas, Phoenix,using 4 wheel drive low and high in and around Flagstaff. The fillup round trip to/from Vegas was 21.3; the trip to PHX airport back to Flagstaff(using 4 wheel high near Flagstaff-snow blizzard) was 19.9; the two fillups trips around Flagstaff-mixed city,highway, mixed 4 wheel low/high was 18.9 & 19.7. So on my next oil change on 2002 Vue, F-150 we will add Z-max. We believe the cost is worth it and it most likely helps the engine. The next transmission oil change-we may add a treatment that is like Z-max( can you recommed a treatment) ? William/Janeen

 5     William & Janeen 01/02/2010
Thanks for your service to the Flagstaff, Northern Az

 4     Chris 08/06/2015
This is a very good shop. The price they gave me was fair and honest. The work was completed quickly, and the quality of their work looks to be top notch
Shop Comment
Thank You Chris we are happy to hear your experience here with us was satisfactory. Welcome

 2     Jocelyn 09/15/2016
Everyone was very rude and I had an appointment at 2pm but ended up finally getting my car checked an hour later. The staff seemed completely unaware and stressed out the entire duration of my visit. Like I previously stated, everyone was horrible. NEVER AGAIN.
Shop Comment
I am very sorry you were not happy with the service you recieved, we do our best to get our set appoinments in at your appointed time, and I appoligize that you were not on the appointments I was the one who checked you in and as I told you, when you talked to us on the phone you were unclear if you were going to make it in so we penciled you in and when you and your young man freind showed up we got you in as soon as possible as there were other set appointments that showed up at there set appointed times, unfortantly it was a very hecktic day and again I deeply appoligize if we were in anyway rude to you.

 1     Yusef 11/10/2016
I've taken my car into flag auto before and was satisfied.I was experiencing some problems with my car and figured I'd be ahead of the game to take it in before it broke down. When I initially called Flagstaff Auto I was told I'd get a call back within the day, I didn't hear anything and called back at about 3 and the receptionist said they were almost done with my quote and would call me before five. They never called back and after a week my car broke down. I had it towed there, and left my information, after several days they still hadn't touched my car and hadn't called to say anything. When I told them about the phone call they not only didn't apologize but told me that I was the one in the wrong. I rented a vehicle for a week which was very costly, they said they couldn't find the part they needed my my vehicle so I had to go online and google it myself only to find 5 websites that carried the part immediately. They were super rude to the point of confrontation in the office with me, making me feel alienated and disrespected, after it was all said and done I told them I would be leaving a bad review and they tried to bribe me by taking $200 of the bill. It was an aweful experience and I'll never go back, to top it off my car still has the same problem I brought it in for. To quote what Dustin the head mechanic said on the phone"I run a million dollar a year business and I don't care about you"I know they have a dedicated customer base and I'm just one person, I'll never go back though and was really disappointed in how rude and discourteous they were to me.
Shop Comment
Yusef, you are the reason businesses have a sign that says "We have the right to refuse service to anyone". Dustin was very nice to you and did apologise for not getting back to you as he explained we are a very busy repair shop and sometimes messages get misplaced. As for being rude to started off your conversation with Dustin using VERY VERY foul lanuage, and he just said he did not need to be talked to that way and you got more belligerent. Calling him names and being very unfortunately you were treated the way you treated the staff here..and for us bribing you that was a discount for the extra time it took due to not being able to get parts for your 1987 vehicle locally. Also we used a part for your vehicle from a supplier we normally don't use, we have had lots of problems ordering parts off the internet so we normally don't order parts from someone we don't do business with due to problems in the past. When you called the shop and advised that you found the part on the internet we informed you that the first two parts you "found" were incorrect and would not work on your vehicle. Dustin then gave you the correct part with a part number so you could look up parts availabiltiy. If we did not fix your vehicle how did we test drive it to confirm it was fixed and you drove it away that day (it was towed in because it wouldnt run correct)

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